Just Between Friends by Dakota Trace



Reviewed by Tanya



What do you do when your best friend is also one of the hottest men you know?  Well for one, Isabella knows that she will wait until he is no longer just conquering women and adding notches to his bed post.  But when he finally seems to notice she is a girl, what will she do?  Can she trust him with her feelings and her body?

More importantly, what is she to do when one of his former lovers shows back up and wants to claim him?  To make things even more challenging, they work together and live next door to each other.  Isabella is definitely up for the challenge of winning what she wants but, is Seth really sure what he wants?

Just Between Friends is an erotic romance with the added benefit that you get to see two close friends come together, finally.  I loved the writing and the overall plot, though I must admit I thought the last two scenes with Carmen in them were a bit too far over the top.  But, those do not deter me from saying that I enjoyed the fast pace of the book and seeing how Seth will finally come to his senses.  If you enjoy a fast paced erotic story about friends learning to be more to each other, then you will enjoy Just Between Friends.


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