Jackson’s Jewel by N. J. Walters

Awakening Desires, Book 5

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419917080

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Emerald Jewel is on the run from a stalker.  For months she has been getting phone calls and flowers in the mail from an unknown admirer.  Recently, the calls and gifts have gotten more and more sinister until Emerald feels she is in danger.  Taking off on her own, she begins driving and ends up in a small community.  When her stalker reaches her by cell phone Emerald knows that she has to find somewhere to hide. She sees the perfect opportunity when she spies a job posting advertising for a live-in housekeeper. 

Jackson Connors wants no part of a housekeeper.  He likes his house the way it is.  Running his farm from dawn to dusk is hard work but he loves every minute of it.  Lately, however, he has seemed to miss having someone to talk to at night and when he sees his new employee, all of his good intentions go down the drain.  Emerald “Jones” is going to be his; it is only a matter of when and where.

Emerald and Jackson are immediately drawn to each other.  Sparks fly, passions ignite, and before they know what is happening, they are in the midst of a scorching hot affair.  There is just one problem.  Emerald’s stalker is getting closer and Emerald is not willing to endanger the man she loves. 

Jackson Conners is man enough to make me want to do housework.  From the top of his head to the tips of his…feet…I loved every single inch of him.  His bluster and blunder about not wanting a housekeeper didn’t fool me for one minute and I knew then and there that I loved him.  Emerald was a worthy mate.  I’m not sure I agreed with her wanting to catch the stalker the way she did but I have to admit, it worked. 

The fifth book of her hugely successful Awakening Desires series, Jackson’s Jewel was the perfect story for Jackson and Emerald.  N. J. Walters gave us suspense, passion, and ultimately love.  She left out one thing however – a portable fan!  Don’t miss Jackson’s Jewel.  It is scrumptiously fantastic!


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