Italian Stallions by Karen Tabke and Jami Alden


Erotic Contemporary Anthology

ISBN; 978-0-7582-2559-7

Reviewed by Nannette



“In His Bed” by Karen Tabke

While Gianna Cipriani mourns the loss of her loving father Alberto, mob boss Fabio Tucci sets his sights on Gianna’s restaurant and on Gianna herself.  Undercover detective Gabriel Lamotta has been trying to nab Tucci for a long time and he’s finally getting close. He’ll have to cozy up to Gianna to find out what Tucci wants from her. Getting up close and personal with the Italian beauty isn’t the problem though; it’s keeping his hands off her. Gianna is about to learn that the bad guys can be really bad, and the good guys can be bad too, but in the most sinfully delicious ways!

Gabe is irresistibly sexy. He’s an Italian stud. Gianna is very sweet. Gabe brings out her hidden vixen. Gabe is going to have to put his words to action though. His love em’ and leave em’ reputation precedes him.  “In His Bed” is sexy, fun and exciting.


“Will That Be All?” By Jami Alden

A few bad choices in men and career have left Theresa Bellessi starting over as a cocktail waitress in her cousin Gianna’s restaurant where Vince Mattera is a regular customer. Vince and Theresa meet after Vince’s date goes bad, then Theresa spills drinks all over him.  Vince can’t get the sexy brunette out of his mind. When he proposes a business arrangement he plans to stick to it. It’s business only between them. One hot bath and his plans for business only go straight out the window though. Theresa wants what Vince is offering but her ex boyfriend just might ruin the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

“Will That Be All?”  stars a very sexy guy who always gets what he wants, and a   girl who thinks he’s too good to be true. Vince is rich, gorgeous, and oozes sex appeal. Theresa is a sweet girl with a very sexy siren side.  “Will That Be All?”  has angst, romance, a bit of danger, and  very hot sex!

The sex is sizzling, the romance is tender, and the action is just right in Italian Stallions. With sweet and sexy women and strong and sexy men, Italian Stallions is a winner!   


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