Invasion Earth by Loribelle Hunt

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-476-6

Reviewed by Lisa



It has been a long drawn out war with a death toll that continues to mount.  Sergeant Major Laney Bradford knows it’s only a matter of time regardless of the strategy she uses that the Alliance will be forced to submit to the alien Delroi.

The Delroi have no intention of losing this war and with their superior technology and weaponry they will succeed.  Now is the time for negotiations before more lives are lost, particularly the female soldiers.  The Delroi plan to settle on Earth and hopefully find heart mates among the population.

The end is near for the Alliance and General Alrik Torfa is there to make sure the Delroi achieve their objectives.  Across the battlefield Alrik spots Laney and instantly knows she is meant for him.  The Alliance must accept defeat but that doesn’t mean Laney will.  This is one battle Laney doesn’t intend to lose but then neither does Alrik.

A tough adventure combined with a wicked seduction breathes life into Invasion Earth.  Sexual tensions flourish between two very dominant main characters with secondary characters taking a back seat for the most part.  While the heart mate bond is explained it seems as though Laney acquiesces to the ‘enemy’ too quickly, it appears she can only think of sex once Alrik touches her.  Regardless, Invasion Earth is an enjoyable story that kept me thinking up some juicy ideas to imagine trying on Alrik’s brother Daggar after the story ended.


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