In the Arms of the Enemy by Mary Eason

Whiskey Creek Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60313-218-3

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kate isn’t looking for a man. In fact, she has given up any hope of finding a man to spend her life with.  Her last boyfriend ruined her outlook on true love and so Kate is content to work at her bookstore and go home to her lonely bed.  That is, until she falls into Alex Bradshaw’s arms – literally.  One minute she was shelving books, the next minute he was holding her in his arms as if letting her go was the last thing he wanted to do.  Four hours later, Kate and Alex are doing more than holding each other – much, much, more.

Alex has a plan.  He wants to make Kate’s father pay for the accidental death of his wife ten years ago.  Kate’s father hit Alex’s wife and while he was never charged, Alex has never forgotten whose fault it was that his wife died.  Now it is time for Alex to make Kate’s father pay.  He is going to make Kate fall in love with him, marry her, and then he is going to leave her high and dry.  Or so he thinks.  He doesn’t count on his new wife changing his entire world because just when Alex realizes how much he loves her, he also realizes that his entire plan has been thrown out of the window.  It’s too bad, though, because Kate has found out exactly what he planned to do. 

I love nothing more than vendetta driven heroes wanting to make heroines pay for past mistakes.  I love stories like that because as a reader of romance I love watching the hero redeem himself.  This is the exact scenario with In the Arms of the Enemy.  Alex fully intended to bring Kate’s father to his knees by betraying Kate once she fell in love with him.  However, the tables turned on Alex and he found out that his love for his wife was more than his love for revenge.  I was therefore surprised by my intense dislike of Kate’s character.  I found her wishy-washy and while she loved her husband, her intense stubbornness interfered with my enjoyment of the story.  I found myself more than once wanting to shake sense into her because no matter how much Alex planned to hurt Kate, he didn’t and her disregard for his feelings and inability to listen to any explanations almost made me put In the Arms of the Enemy down. 

Other than Kate’s characterization, I really enjoyed Mary Eason’s latest release.  In the Arms of the Enemy is a worthy afternoon read.


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