Holt by Rhiannon Neeley
The Ravens Revisited series
Whispers Publishing
Paranormal, Vampire
ISBN: Not Assigned
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Holt is a part of Rhiannon Neeley’s The Ravens Revisited series. 

Once again, Ivy Green finds herself in the mist of bailing her younger sister, Heather, out of trouble.  Heather’s latest crazed adventure involves the association with a cult of blood drinkers. As a private investigator, Ivy knows how to go about hunting down people – so it should be easy to locate Heather, right?  Wrong!  While hot on her sister’s trail, Ivy’s car is side-swapped, and then run off the road by Holt Raven, a hunk of a man with a cold, mean attitude. Their pessimistic confrontation doesn't end there, because, although for some reason unknown to Ivy, Holt doesn't want her to board the boat her sister is on, Ivy isn't about to allow Holt to stand in the way of saving her sister.

Holt Raven's sole purpose in life is to take out as many vampires as humanly possible.  He, his brothers, and cousins quickly became known as the Ravens Clan, as they roam around the world eliminating the evil blood suckers. Always having that single task in mind, Holt doesn't have time for a relationship. But things change the moment his car crashes into a dark-haired, spunky beauty by the name of Ivy Green.  Without Holt realizing it, Ivy manages to break down his defenses and gain the key to his heart. Determined to protect her at all costs, Holt tries to stop Ivy from going to the yacht; yet no matter how hard he tries to block her, Ivy refuses to give up.  Will Holt be able to keep Ivy out of harm’s way and save her sister from the evil night creatures?

Holt starts out with a bang and it maintains its continuous, exciting tempo until the very end. The plot moved at a swift, exhilarating pace, so much so that I completed this little hot number in one sitting. Both Holt and Ivy were equally iron-willed characters with great determination, especially when they set their mind of a particular goal.  There was no stopping them.  It was amusing to watch Holt, who was a loner, fall hard for Ivy. Like a moth to a flame, Holt migrated to Ivy’s witty, alluring charm. Their passionate encounters were seductively lustful, and a wild erotic event leaving very little to the imagination. Holt was one paranormal that doesn't disappoint!


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