Here Comes the Sun by Emily Veinglory

Eclipse of the Heart, Book 2

Loose Id

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59632-759-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Life as a bouncer at Greyfriars shows Mason Patterson the best and worst of people but Mason knows that few are aware that Were live among them.  It is Masonís luck or misfortune that he knows about them and loves one as well.

Half wolf and half coyote, Lan has a unique perspective on the mostly secret Were population.  A successful career as a college professor and a member of the Were Council seems to barely allow any time recently with his lover Mason.

Mason and Lan have already gone through so much as a committed couple but various factions are doing their best to pull them apart.  The leader of the coyotes wants Lan for himself it seems, human girls are missing, a group calling themselves Krypt are up to something nefarious and most disturbing, the wolves are becoming more aggressive.  With all the anger and tension in the air itís only a matter of time before something blows apart.

Here Comes the Sun brings together once more lovers Mason and Lan, complete opposites who compliment each other perfectly.  Their conversations, desires and problems make Here Comes the Sun a very strong character driven tale.  This can be understood without reading the first book but there might be some difficulties figuring out the various factions and the many secondary characters place in the factions because there is quite a cast.  Here Comes the Sun has solid conflict scenes between Lan and Mason, they make the story strong and fascinating throughout this interesting, busy tale.


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