Heartbreak by Adrianna Dane

Vampyre Falls, Book 2

Amber Heat

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60272-336-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Some inner pull draws Petra Thornton to the town of Silver Creek. Petra is violently abducted by four men but manages to escape into the nearby forest where she is then caught by two other men and dragged further into the woods.

The two men who now control Petra are a pair of wolf shifters, Carson and Donovan Black. They intend to ransom Petra back to her influential parents for captured shifters being held in a detention center.  The Thorntonís are directly responsible for the deaths of their youngest brother and Carsonís mate.

Obviously the Blackís despise the Thornton family with good reason but Petra is innocent of any involvement with her parents work although the brothers arenít aware of this information.  Also, Carson cannot understand his deep desire for Petra anymore than she can figure out why she is so attracted to her kidnapper.  There is much more going on than any of them realize and it will take everything theyíve got to overcome unbelievable obstacles and survive whole and together or destroy each other.

A romance filled with angst, remorse, guilt and true love is presented in Heartbreak, the second story in the Vampyre Falls series.  Petra slowly becomes the woman she was always meant to be while Carson is so filled with pain that he canít see the love right in front of him.  Perhaps a few too many coincidences pop up but otherwise Heartbreak builds to a great climax for readers to savor.  Heartbreak has sizzling sexual situations, several interwoven plots and good characterization.  Heartbreak is very entertaining and definitely difficult to put down.


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