Goldeneyes by Delia Latham

Vintage Inspiration

Early 20th Century Inspirational

ISBN:  978-0979332784

Reviewed by Tori



A man with golden eyes makes a decision that will affect two families forever in his quest to find money for booze during the Great Depression.   It takes over 20 years before the families can even start to heal.  Will they be able to ever move on?

The lives of two young women will depend on the secrets that each family has been holding onto for so long.  When they both start having the same dreams.

Goldeneyes was a good story with a great plot and some very unexpected plot twists.  I was uncomfortable with how some of the story played out, not to say that it took away from the story but some Christians that read this may not like a few plot devices.  Overall, I really enjoyed Goldeneyes.  I was so wrapped up in the story I read it straight through without stopping.


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