French Kissing by Nancy Warren

Harlequin-Blaze #389


ISBN: 0373793938

Reviewed by Tanya



Kimi loves fashion week in Paris.  Not only does she get to mingle with the fashion elite but they regard her as a bit of an expert in some fashion circles.  This is what she lives for, and is about as far away from the life her mother lives as the cute photographer that just walked in is from being fashionable.  But, she is definitely drawn to him.  Kimi is shocked when she finds out that he has managed to weasel into being her photographer, he had better be good as her job counts on her getting the best shots to go with her articles.  But, when Holden explains why he is really there she will do what she can to help him, as long as she gets to change his wardrobe.

Suddenly they both find themselves in the middle of a scandal, as Kimi’s past confronts her, in the form of her father, stepsister and more importantly the intrigue they bring.  Someone is stealing one-of-a-kind dresses and Holden is going to get to the bottom of it.  Now if they can just keep their hormones in check along the way they might just succeed.  But, what will happen when fashion week is all over?

Ms. Warren gives us all a look into haute couture in this fast paced story based in France.  French Kissing has it all sexy men, models, long lost family, steamy sex, love, mystery and intrigue.  I know that may seem like a lot but in French Kissing it all works and makes for an exciting ride.  Ms. Warren does a fantastic job in pointing out how everyone’s job has its own intricacies and may not be as easy as everyone else thinks it might be.  I found French Kissing to be a fresh and sexy read. 


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