Flyboy by Nicole Austin

The Hussies

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419917165

Reviewed by Jo



Twyla MacAlister was an everyday computer programmer until one afternoon when she suddenly found herself just outside a Scottish castle.  That day began Twyla’s new life as she learned that she was actually one of the original Hussies of old.  Through her many lives and incarnations as a Hussie, Twyla never was able to find and love her soul mate.  This time Twyla is going to get another chance to achieve her love for eternity.  The only thing she has to do is figure out the mission and just who her mate is.  Not a problem, right?

Jhett Ramsey was a member of the Navy until he was captured and tortured on his last mission.  The Navy let him go so now Jhett is an independent soldier, for the right price and mission.  Jhett knows that there is something missing from his life, but has no idea what until he meets with Twyla.  She has a mission for Jhett that should be one he would jump at, but this mission will force Jhett to do the one thing he swore never to do – go back to the place where he spent the worse time of his life.

Twyla and Jhett go on the mission with their team and the stress on both of them mounts as the days go on.  As the mission proceeds, Jhett and Twyla learn that not only could they go off like a rocket, but that the people who have their target is the same group that held Jhett.  Tensions rise as Jhett and Twyla try to ignore what they both want so badly and as danger to the mission and the team rises.  What’s going to blow first, Jhett and Twyla, the mission or will they find a way to achieve all the mission objectives?

What’s a girl to do when she discovers that she is one of the Hussies of old?  In Flyboy, Twyla has to discover just that and see if she can finally complete the mission that will allow her to be the warrior she was always meant to be with her mate.  Jhett was bitter when the Navy cut him loose and has tried to continue to use his training by becoming an independent soldier.  Twyla and Jhett team up for their mission of rescue.  Along the way, Jhett and Twyla discover that between them is a lust, a love and the need that makes soul mates.   I was immediately drawn into Twyla and Jhett’s characters, although I do admit to having a slight amount of trouble following the first bit with Twyla.  I loved the mixture of mythology and contemporary themes that surrounded Jhett and Twyla’s story.  I was amazed that the team didn’t either lock them in a room together until they combusted or hosed them off in cold water just to bring down the temperature in their headquarters.  Flyboy keeps you intrigued with its mixture of sizzle, danger, heat and mythology.


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