Flashback by Jill Shalvis

American Heroes: The Firefighters 2

HQN – Blaze #416


ISBN: 978-0373794201

Reviewed by Tanya



Aidan Donnelly has always been a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy.  That is with one exception, that one is his best friend’s sister Kenzie. He ran like hell as she scared him to death.  He was afraid that she was going to tie him down and have the 2.5 kids etc., and he was convinced that was not for him.

Suddenly, Aidan rescues a gorgeous woman from a boat fire and yup, as luck would have it is Kenzie.  Now seeing Kenzie again as well as still reeling from the recent death of her brother, now Aidan realizes that he is not the same scared kid he was years ago.

It appears that Kenzie is here to not only clear her brother’s name for the arson he was accused of, and that killed him, but she is going to tromp on Aidan’s heart.  Aidan comes to the conclusion as long as she is safe she can have his heart, but will she believe him?

Get the fire extinguisher ready Ms. Shalvis is back with her smoking hot firefighters from Santa Rey.  In Flashback, Mr. 2008 also known as Aiden is the one who will determine what is really important in his life this time around.  Ms. Shalvis is not new to the sensual writing arena and clearly shows this when she has her main characters interact. I also found the ongoing plot (though the book would have been fine as a stand alone) line of arson to keep my interest and make me want more.  Each of the characters is well written and the plot line is nicely woven to create an overall enjoyable novel.  If you are a fan of firefighter romance novels then you need to pick up Flashback and plan on a smokin' hot read.


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