Five Time Loser by by Naomi Brooks and Angelia Sparrow

Torquere Press

M/M, Paranormal-Vampire

ISBN: 978-1-60370-404-5, 1-60370-404-3

Reviewed by Raine



Tom, the Rainbow Flyer, owns his own rig and contracts out to Freightways Haul Cargo. Late one evening Tom starts up a conversation with Pelton, the Midnight Flyer. The men seem to make a connection between them and their conversations become more frequent and intense. Tom wants to meet Pelton, but Pelton keeps promising soon. Then systematically, Tom loses his job, his apartment burns and his rig is stolen. Finally when all else is lost, Tom gets to meet the man he has dreamed of, but there is more to Pelton that Tom knows.

I found Pelton to be a most conniving being. Everything is about him and how lonely he feels. Tom who has lost everything seems to accept what Pelton is offering without question after only just meeting him. Five Time Loser is well written and the characters are well defined but I found myself not liking them, which made it tough for me to enjoy the storyline.


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