Fire and Isis by Leila Brown

Heat Stroke

Changeling Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60521-025-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Isis Jones, otherwise known as Frostbite, isnít having any luck in her sex life, at all.  Her last boyfriend left saying his dick was still frozen in some places and her third vibrator has seized up and died.  Isis is getting a bit desperate.

Joining a Supers speed dating service seems like the best way to get some decent action but, most of the men scurry off at the speed dating evening after they meet her.  One guy, Kenneth Strong, aka Fire is different; he isnít put off by her cool reception, in fact he likes it. It seems Kenneth has a very domineering personality, his way or no way.  Now it is Isisí choice to go out with him and either freeze out another man or have the best orgasm of her life.

Fast paced and passionate, Fire and Isis is an icy hot tale.  From start to finish Isis calls the shots and finds the perfect man to thaw a frigid body and give her a scorching orgasm, Kenneth is hot.  Fire and Isis is a scalding, glacial good time.


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