Dragonís Heart by Marly Mathews

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-213-3

Reviewed by Jo



Dylan Lightfoot has agreed to finish a spell that will help win the war that is currently destroying Dragonia.  He is a wizard on Earth, but he knows very well what will happen if he does not get it done in time and the rebels continue on to Earth.  He has even agreed to a protector even though he is a very strong wizard and does not think he needs one.

Grania has been sent to protect Dylan by her King and Queen and protect him she shall.  Even against past friends who have joined the rebels.  It is not all fun and games though.  Grania knows very well how many dragon shifters have already paid the ultimate price for trying to stop the rebels and is very much afraid that if something doesnít turn the tide in their direction soon, many more will also die.

The first touch tells Grania that she has even more at stake in protecting Dylan than just the survival of her world.  He is her destined soul mate.  Highly confused that her soul mate is a human wizard, but not wanting to lose what the fates have given her, Grania has to convince Dylan what she feels.  Dylan and Grania fall deeply in love while the war is raging around them.  Dangerous missions, unexpected wizards and dark magic surround them during the final stand to stop the rebels.  Can Dylan use his spell when he has realized just what he might lose if he does? 

Dragonís Heart collides the worlds of Earth and Dragonia in a war that can destroy the worlds and everyone within them.  Rebels have all but succeeded in conquering Dragonia and now Grania has come to Earth and Dylan to hopefully stop them cold with the spell he has developed.  Dylan agreed to having a protector but Grania was a surprise to him, one he rapidly came to want and love.  Grania and Dylan have to try and control the Mating Fire while battling the rebels.  I found the exchanges and relationship of Dylan and Graina to be funny, heartfelt and sexy while they set the world on fire themselves.  I would have liked to learn more about Dragonia, however, I totally saw that the majority of the focus was on Earth.  I would seriously like to see Nicholasí story because he was a major secondary character.  Dragonís Heart has a bit of everything, adventure, danger, dragons, wizards, and a few other secrets that I canít tell you about.  I found it to be a great way to escape my reality for a while.


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