Dragonís Desire by Sierra Dafoe

Dragonís Heir, Book 3

Changeling Press

Erotic Shape Shifter

ISBN: 978-1-59596-642-1

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Elara, the dragon queenís daughter has finally found a life-mate. There is just one problem.  The four clans refuse to acknowledge him as her prince.  Zendar, her life-mate, is known for his rebellion and while he is handsome and everything Elara wants in a husband, Zendar canít help but think that Elara would be better off without him.  So he leaves and he takes Darrek, Randís lover with him.  Elara and Rand are frantic to find their lovers and will stop at nothing in bringing them back home where they belong.

I adore the saga of this dragon kingdom of Djarera.  Every installment Ms. Dafoe pens gets better and better.  Dragonís Desire is flaming hot and intense.  It makes me believe that dragons could actually exist, especially hot, sexy, and downright sinful ones!


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