Double Dragon by Sierra Dafoe

Dragonís Heir, Book 6

Changeling Press

Erotic Shape Shifter/Mťnage/Gay

ISBN: 978-1-59596-971-2

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Melina Westron has been in love with Kevan since she was a young girl.  When the call comes out from the palace that Kevan is looking for a life-mate, Melina knows that there is no way he would ever pick her. But to her surprise, after seeing him in the hallway and thinking he had forgotten her; Kevan picks her to be his princess.  When she finds out the real reason Kevan agreed to marry her Melina knows she should be hurt but she canít bring herself to be angry.  After all, whatís better than two men who want to make love to you? Not much is what Melina thinks and so she puts her trepidations aside and hopes that her feelings for Kevan will be evident in how she treats Cal, his lover. 

Melina was a delightful character. I could see how much she loved Kevan just by reading the description in her eyes.  While I know why Cal and Kevan hatched the deception plan like they did, I donít have to like it but I can honestly say that their discovery and Melinaís reaction was what I was hoping for. Kevan needed something to open his eyes and this was the perfectly written plot in order to do that.

I am sad to say that Double Dragon is the last installment that I know of for this wonderful series. It is smoldering hot and the love scenes between Melina and Cal were sensuous and beautiful.  I hate to see this series end and am going to keep my fingers crossed that more are written!  Ms. Dafoe is highly talented and is now an automatic read for me.


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