Death Vows by Richard Stevenson

Donald Strachey Mysteries

MLR Press

Gay Mystery

ISBN: 978-1-934531-33-4

Reviewed by Cassie



Gay PI Donald Strachey is reluctant when two men want to hire him to investigate the fiancée of a friend of theirs, but he agrees to take the case.  He soon discovers no one is who they seem to be, not even his clients.  Although he tries to extracat himself from the situation, Donald finds himself drawn back in when one of his former clients is murdered, and the man he was investigating is implicated.  Can Donald figure out who really murdered the victim before it’s too late?

Death Vows is the second Donald Strachey mystery I’ve read, and I really enjoyed it.  Strachey is a fascinating character.  In Death Vows, he seems to have settled into his life somewhat, especially when it comes to his lover Timothy Callahan.  Fortunately, he still has the same sarcastic sense of humor and strong yet ambiguous convictions.  Sometimes his desire to make a living conflicts with his desire to do what’s right, but he always makes the right decision—eventually.  Secondary characters, including Timothy, various clients and suspects, and contacts of Strachey’s are colorful and interesting.  The mystery itself kept me guessing and turning pages.  While I would have liked to have seen more of Timothy in Death Vows, it’s an entertaining installment to the Donald Strachey series.  Readers who enjoy quirky characters and interesting, unusual mystery plots should not hesitate to pick up Death Vows.


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