Dead of Winter by Parhelion

Torquere Press

Single Shots

Gay, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60370-227-0, 1-60370-227-X

Reviewed by Raine



In learning that Alís friend Richard has passed away, Al takes a job to baby-sit a house reported to have hauntings, to earn money so he can make the trip to the wake. His job is to observe and write a deposition for the listing agent reputing the allegations. Upon arrival the house is seemingly empty, but as time passes his friend Richís presence comes to him and something other makes itís presence known. Together they relive old memories and work together to solve the houseís evil presence.

Two friends who have lost each other find each other again but in alternate planes of life. Dead of Winter mixes past with present and creates a future with a twist on paranormal. A little vague? Yes, but I wouldnít want to spoil if for you. Dead of Winter has a typical haunted house plot, but it is the ending that is truly unique. For those of you who like the paranormal and perhaps fantasy, I think you will like how this book ends.


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