Curious Intimacies by Anne Douglas

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419918032

Reviewed by Jo



A fun night hanging with your best friend is what Shane thinks is going to happen until "Kiss me." is heard.  Shane is openly gay but he knows his best friend Jason is straight – or at least until this is heard.  Jason has been with his girl friend Lucy for years and their sex is hot as always, but lately they have been experimenting.  The fact that Jason has enjoyed being bottomed by his girlfriend leads Jason to ask Shane to help him explore an idea that he and Lucy came up with.   A night of sports, beer, chips and friends quickly becomes an erotic night of experimentation when Lucy joins Shane and Jason.  What better way to discover your limits, wants and needs than with someone you trust, is the thought of all three as the night goes on.  When the night is over will they still be good friends or just a bit more?

Curious Intimacies explores one extremely hot night between three friends.  Shane is gay but single at the moment, Jason and Lucy are hot together but want to explore sexually.  Once Jason decides to seek answers, he turns to his best friend Shane and once Lucy joins them only energy seems to be their limit.  I have always known that anything Ms. Douglas writes is going to be hot so I figured I was prepared for Curious Intimacies and it was a wild and erotic ride.  I found that the term quickie only means length of story and has nothing to do with the night that Shane, Jason and Lucy spend together.  I loved how all three felt comfortable enough with the other two to explore their fantasies, even when it was the love of deep friendship that bound them together and not passionate love.  Curious Intimacies is a special story of three friends and one wondrous night which should be in any true erotic library.


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