Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs


Contemporary/Shape Shifters

ISBN: 978-0441016150

Reviewed by Tanya



Anna was attacked and brutally changed into a werewolf, but in the last 3 years that seems to have been the easiest thing that has happened to her.  Being told she is on the bottom of the pack makes a werewoman feel that way.  But, her world is rocked and shaken to its core when she meets the second most powerful werewolf in the country.    When she meets Charles he claims she is not a weak wolf but one of the most powerful and rare ones.  She is an Omega, and apparently his mate.  Now suddenly things are not as she has thought and her world is changing.

She leaves the city and goes to stay with Charles after a horrific showdown, which is detailed in On The Prowl.  Now she is not sure where she fits in, what she can do to help Charles heal from his wounds defending her.  Most importantly will her wolf accept Charles as a mate?  Now suddenly she and Charles appear to be up against an even tougher foe when out on a job for the Marrock (Charles father).  If they both live to tell of the strange happenings will they also be free to let their love grow?

Cry Wolf is the latest book out by the talented Ms. Briggs.  Many comments have been written about this book being a stand alone that will confuse you.  This book was designed to follow up the anthology On The Prowl, which sets the stage for this story and will give many readers the background that they feel they are missing.  I on the other hand had read the first part and found this second book amazing.  I loved how you got to see into the interactions between the different characters, which have only been lightly mentioned in the Mercy books.  Ms. Briggs does a wonderful job of setting up the healing process and learning of a woman who was stronger than she even thought she was.  Also Cry Wolf helps to show how a family that sticks together can be stronger as a unit than apart.  I think that anyone that likes a good werewolf book will love Cry Wolf, and it will appeal to those who like a “little more loving” in their book also.


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