Cruising by GA Hauser

Men in Motion

Linden Bay Romance

Gay Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-60202-144-0

Reviewed by Cassie



Brodie Duncan canít believe his terrible luck when his flighty girlfriend ditches him right before their Alaskan cruise leaves.  Heís angry and humiliated, believing his trip will be miserable.  Then he meets Julian Richards. 

Julian is on the trip with his girlfriend, but heís not enjoying himself.  Her partying, spendthrift ways get on his nerves.  When he meets Brodie, sparks fly.  Will Brodie and Julian get the courage to go for what they really want, or will they keep hiding their true selves?

Cruising has a great premise.  I loved the idea of two guys meeting and hooking up on a cruise ship.  When Brodie got dumped right before the ship left, I was fully prepared for a fun story.  Brodieís first experiences alone on the ship were pretty amusing.  Unfortunately, after the promising beginning Cruising didnít live up to my initial expectations.  I had two problems with the story.  One was Brodieís behavior.  He was wishy-washy and became kind of whiny as the story progressed.  The other problem I had was the women in the story.  Both Brodieís girlfriend and Julianís were one-dimensional, stereotypical, and irritating.  I kept wondering why two guys who were supposed to be smart would hook up with such horrible women, especially as Julianís troubles with his girlfriend became more severe.  I guess that was supposed to justify Julianís sneaking around behind her back, but it didnítóat least not to me.  There are some hot scenes between Brodie and Julian, and some interesting scenes with Brodieís dinner tablemates, which livened up the story.  On the whole, however, I canít really recommend Cruising.


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