Crossfire by Joann Ross


Sensual Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-451-22479-8

Reviewed by Nannette



A madman is shooting people in Somerset, North Carolina. FBI Special Agent Caitlin Cavanaugh is on the case. Ex- Navy SEAL- turned author -Quinn McKade has a special interest in the case. Not only did he share a hot steamy night with Cait many years ago, and he wants more, but he’s a sniper too and he’s got insight into the shooter’s mind like few others have. Cait is reluctant to work with Quinn. She’s still attracted to him, but she doesn’t want to be.  Quinn is working hard at breaking down the walls Cait has built around her. He’s making more progress there than at finding the shooter. The madman has something big planned and if Cait and Quinn don’t find him soon, they could very well be his next victims. 

Crossfire is a suspenseful, action- packed, and has a great- tension filled romance. The anticipation of when Cait and Quinn would get together again was almost as good as when they did. Sexual tension so good you can cut it with a knife and a twisted madman on the loose make Crossfire a story I couldn’t put down. Ms. Ross’ attention to detail and a cast of interesting characters keep the pages turning fast. The bartender and the reporter have a great story to tell as well in Crossfire. Now that I’ve got a taste of Ms. Ross’ sexy SEALs I want more. I can’t wait for Shane’s story!


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