Creation’s Control by Marie Harte

Creation’s series, Book 2


Futuristic M/M

ISBN: 978-1-906590-98-7

Reviewed by Lisa



While Ryen escaped from the Blue Rims Laboratory along with his sisters some months ago, memories immediately bring back his feelings of an uncontrolled rage and animalistic urges.  Sometimes it takes everything in Ryen to quell the violence or the thoughts of still being trapped.

A being of great power and some unknown origins make Drekk keep his temper on a very short leash.  He spends his time working for the greater good these days aiding Rafe of Mardu battling corruption and crime in secret.  Drekk has his own personal demons to fight but after centuries of existence he is slowly losing the battle.

The people made in the laboratories are labeled ‘creations’ and feared by all.  In fact, if they are found out they are destroyed immediately.  Drekk does everything he can to protect Ryen from being discovered as the creation he is.  Once Drekk has Ryen under his control he begins to teach him the fine art of enjoying submission.  At the lab Ryen was taught that having feelings or sexual activity with another male was disgusting so he’s very confused about his growing desire for Drekk. At the same time it’s difficult for Drekk to stop his emotions from entering his D/s training.  This is fast becoming so much more than just about control for both men and they like it, a lot.

Whoa, talk about smokin’ hot – Creation’s Control is that and more!  For those who enjoy futuristic stories as well as M/M interaction this one is for you.  Creation’s Control can easily be read as a stand alone and also briefly mentions the next story in the series towards the end.  The characters are sexy and engaging as they draw readers into their struggles.  The only little glitch to me is that Ryen acquiesces almost too quickly, even though he’s already secretly lusted after Drekk, it’s still pretty fast.  Aside from that, Creation’s Control is a sensual delight and total entertainment.


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