Courting Trouble by Renee Knowles

The Wild Rose Press

Historical Romance

ISBN: 1-60154-294-1

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Lord Anthony Darby must become a member of an exclusive scientific club before any of his work will be published.  Since doors aren’t opening for him on his own merit, Anthony has decided to approach a member directly and ask for his help.  Before he can do that however, the man in question approaches Anthony.  He asks Anthony to escort his daughter about town and in return he will sponsor Anthony’s membership.  Anthony agrees.

Lily Kennyon has watched Anthony Darby for years.  A childhood friend, she knows that he must make an advantageous marriage.  When he begins courting her in earnest, she hopes against hope that finally someone will love her no matter her tattered reputation.  When she finds out her father is to blame for Anthony’s attention her heart breaks and Lily despairs of ever being able to look at Anthony again.

I knew from the beginning that Anthony’s plan would harm Lily.  I knew it and couldn’t stop it.  Anthony cared for and desired Lily very much.  He wasn’t sure about her reputation but that didn’t stop him either.  Lily was brave.  She took all that name calling and hateful things that London society dished out and never faltered.  Only Anthony could see how much it hurt her. 

I enjoyed Courting Trouble.  It was a classic historical romance with strong characters and an intriguing plot.  I wouldn’t mind reading it again so that makes it a keeper!





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