Collision Course by K. A. Mitchell

Samhain Publishing

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60504-348-7

Reviewed by Ley



Child services worker Joey Miller never had a problem falling in love, it was staying in love that was the problem.  Starting his new job in a new city he meets Aaron, a paramedic who makes it quite clear anything going on between them will be just sex.  Even though Joey has known love he has never felt for anyone what he feels for Aaron and he wasn’t going to let this relationship end without a fight.

Aaron doesn’t know what to make of Joey. He’s not looking for a serious relationship and the last thing he wants is to get involved with someone who works for the department that made his life hell, but Joey’s openness and sweetness was hard for Aaron to resist.

I liked this story.  Aaron and Joey’s hang-ups at times were comical, especially when their loved ones stepped in.  The people around them, friends, family and co-workers had their own advice and opinions about Aaron and Joey’s relationship.  I really liked the boys and found Joey to be absolutely adorable even if he was a tad bit annoying at times.  Collision Course is a sweet story of building trust and lowering defenses.  I enjoyed it and I am sure many others will too.


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