Collared in Love by Marianne Guenon

eXtasy Books

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-55487-171-1

Reviewed by Lisa



The Regil estate has bequeathed some fantastic Roman antiquities to the museum where Jayden Landry is more than happy to catalog.  Jayden is also helping his sister Jen with advice so that her catering business has their ‘Roman night’ theme party just right for her client.

When looking through the antiques an accident, or fate, leads Jayden to discover a hidden slave collar as he’s leaving for the party.  Jen plays a trick on Jayden and he finds himself wearing the slave collar.  A stranger comes to Jayden followed by an unknown danger.  Choices may lead to heartbreak or love; it’s all up to Jayden.

Collared in Love is a very special kind of love story about a regular guy and a man from long ago.  The lovers, Jayden and Lucius make Collared in Love an enjoyable tale.  There are several spelling mistakes someone missed, plus some clichés that misfire instead of simply seeming like good fortune such as Jayden’s very quick declaration of love which just doesn’t ring true at the time.  Problems do exist yet a unique plotline gives Collared in Love some special moments.


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