Colin by Rhiannon Neeley
The Ravens Revisited series
Whispers Publishing
Paranormal, Vampire
ISBN: Not Assigned
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Colin is a part of Rhiannon Neeleyís The Ravens Revisited series. 

Heather Greenís immature decision almost caused her to become an everlasting supply of vampire food. Just when Heather is about to be utilized as a blood slave for the first time, out of nowhere she is saved by a handsome stranger who later introduces himself as Colin Moore. As time passes, and Heather recovers both mentally and physically, she realizes that Colin is strongly attracted to her; yet he refuses to act upon his desire because of her horrible ordeal. Well, Heather has had enough! Now that she has fully healed, she is determined to make Colin her man.

As a member of the Ravensí Vampire Hunter Clan, Colin never thought love would come knocking at his door; yet it comes banging in the form of Heather Green. Once he finds love, Colin isn't willing to let it go. So, when a very powerful, evil master vampire invades the Ravencrest compound seeking revenge against the Raven Clan, and claims Heather as his queen; Colin and the other hunters are determined to rid the world of this pure evil that attacks their home, and tries to steal one of their love ones.

Colin was an engrossing read that hooked me from the start.  The plot moved at an excitingly swift pace, and the sexual tension grew progressively into a heated frenzy. I found the character of Colin to be a sweet, sexy, and very patient man when it came to Heather; yet, on the flipside, when the time called for it, he could be very a dangerous opponent. Heather was also a force to be reckoned with, especially when it came to worming her way into Colinís bed. She was determined to win his heart. In addition to the erotic romance flourishing between the Colin and Heather, the storyline also contained an evil nuisance that threatened the happiness and livelihood of everyone involved. Overall, Colin was super-hot read that I enjoyed plunging into.


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