Code Name: Bikini by Christina Skye

Code Name Series



ISBN: 9-780373-77209-4 

Reviewed by Tanya



Gina Ryan, cruise ship pastry chef extraordinaire is following her dream.  Though she has a secret health issue she has traded in her gun and police badge to create gorgeous desserts aboard a cruise line.  She has a fantastic staff and a solid group of friends.  Too bad there seems to be a little feud with the plastic woman in charge of beverages.  But Gina knows it is nothing she canít handle.  What she seems to not be able to handle is the super hot passenger.

Trace is on board the ship as an undercover assignment, not one that this SEAL is used to either.  He is supposed to relax, but how can he with the spunky Gina on the same ship?  But, when things start to get out of hand not only with his mission and his attraction to Gina will the two be able to get together and defeat the bad guys.  More importantly will they figure out how they can continue their relationship?

I found Code Name: Bikini to be an intriguing action packed adventure.  I thoroughly loved how Ms. Skye had Gina and Trace play off each other as they continued to be thrown together.  I think after you read this story that you will find there was a lot more than baking going on with this pastry chef and SEAL.  Not only that but it makes for fun interactions.  I found the suspense to be well written and it did take me a while to figure out how it all fit together, which for me is a compliment and keeps me intrigued.  I also enjoyed the romance and the well written sexual scenes.  I enjoyed Code Name: Bikini and think you will also.


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