Coda by Angela Fiddler

Master of the Lines, Book 5

Loose Id

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59632-755-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Vampire master Vision and his lieutenant lover Hanz have an uneasy alliance with Hanz son Kane and his lover Jinx.  They all live together in a large mansion, which they share with Jesse and a cadre of other lesser vampires.  The power lines under the property are under Visionís control.

Foreboding dreams and wicked vampire underlings seem to be around every corner lately.  The head vampire, Janus and Vision know that something strong and devious is making a power play for their lines and people but until they figure out what is going on they are fighting blind and loosing the battle.

The fifth release in the Master of the Lines series, Coda is a love story with several sets of male/male committed couples against the sometimes brutal and violent life they lead to survive in this day and age.  Unless you are a fan and following this series you wonít have a clue what is going on.  The concept is great and the relationships are sincere but there is a lot to keep track of.  Fans of the series are sure to enjoy Coda simply to catch up with Vision, Hanz and the others but everybody else needs to start at the beginning, not here.


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