Catch a Mate by Gena Showalter



ISBN:  9780373772926 

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jillian Greene thinks all men are pigs.  No, wait.  She KNOWS they are starting with the first man who she witnesses betraying his wife – her father.  Because of the way she feels about men and their lying, cheating, and swinish ways, Jillian’s job as bait for ‘Catch a Mate’ is the perfect job for her.  She loves nothing more than capturing cheating spouses in the act but lately the clients’ tears are starting to wear on her.  Jillian figures it is time for her to talk to Anne, ‘Catch a Mate’s’ owner, about possibly selling the business to her but before Jillian can get Anne to talk to her, she is called into Anne’s office and meets HIM, Marcus Brody. 

Marcus Brody and Jillian experience hate at first sight and when Jillian finds out she is paired with Marcus for her night’s assignment, she almost explodes.  Not only did they insult each other but they realized something else – each has a raging desire to bed the other which at the moment is a fate worse than death.

The harder Marcus and Jillian fight each other, the more their animosity turns to desire until they are unable to contain themselves, much to their mutual horror.  Too late to forget how each felt in the other’s arms, Marcus and Jillian agree to sex only.  They may have agreed on a simple sexual relationship but both will find out that their feelings for each other are anything but simple. 

Catch a Mate by Gena Showalter is witty and playful.  Underneath Jillian’s tough outer exterior is a woman yearning to find the one man who will be hers forever, steadfast and faithful.  Marcus, for all of his bluster and blunder desires the same thing – a match trustworthy enough to take a chance on forever.  Catch a Mate was about real love and acceptance.  I hated for it to end!


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