Carpe Nocturne by Tawny Taylor

Carpe Nocturne, Book 1

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-970-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Sylvie Durand has traveled an extremely difficult road in her life to get to where she is today, as owner and manager of Carpe Nocturne, a new club/bar in town.    It’s early days but so far Sylvie is able to keep her bills paid and her personal life devoid of dating distractions.

On the run from the Excoluni, the vampire version of police, Burke Langston stands accused of several murders he didn’t commit.  Burke is staking out Carpe Nocturne in the hopes of finding the true killer.  Meanwhile, nearby are two officers of the Excoluni, brothers Miko and Hadrian Dvorak searching for Burke to arrest him before someone else dies.

Events rapidly unfold after a body is found in Sylvie’s office at Carpe Nocturne.  A stranger approaches Sylvie and explains that the sudden appearance of a brand mark on her back matches one on his body, marking her as an Origo – a human woman with two vampire Masters.  They will hopefully soon find their third and undertake a ritual to bind the three together.  Sylvie thinks that Burke is nuts until she meets Miko and sees that he too exhibits the brand.  All three lives are about to change forever plus a vicious murderer is still on the loose and everything points to Sylvie being the killer’s next target.

Carpe Nocturne reads as a fast paced murder mystery and an emotional romance rolled up into one powerful story.  All three main characters are defined by the lives they’ve led and the careers they’ve chosen.  Carpe Nocturne is vastly enjoyable and sexy as hell but there are a few misses such as Sylvie’s agreeing to Burke, a complete stranger, seeing her home after finding the body.  Even if she thinks Burke is hot, Sylvie is too street smart to take chances like that.  Little glitches in an otherwise very hot and heavy whodunit that’s exciting from beginning to end making Carpe Nocturne a very worthwhile tale to read.


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