Captured Moon by Loribelle Hunt

Lunar Mates, Book 6

Cobblestone Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60088-271-5

Reviewed by Lisa



It has taken Abby some time to pull her tattered self respect together after divorcing were-panther Alex.  Other than occasional loneliness, Abby does have a full life with her day job, great friends Marilyn and Maggie and her secret success, writing erotic romance.

The Half Moon bar is owned and run by twin werewolves Rule and Lawe.  The men have known for years that Abby is their mate but hung back while she experienced college and life on her own.  It just about killed them when they learned that Abby had married Alex.

Lawe and Rule are done waiting and bond with Abby before giving her a chance to deny their claim.  Abby doesnít know that they had been patient for quite a while and freaks out after the mating while Rule and Lawe canít be near her without wanting to seduce her into bed or onto any other surface.  They need to agree to sit down and talk or their relationship will never grow into love.

Emotional and sexual tension jump off the pages in Captured Moon, the sixth story in the successful Lunar Mates series.  Abby is hiding in her shell of emotional withdrawal and it takes two luscious alpha wolves, Rule and Lawe to coax their mate out and bring her true happiness.  Captured Moon is one sexy romance with a werewolf twist and gives readers a very satisfying tale sure to make you horny and hot.


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