Captivity by Adrianna Dane

Amber Allure

Futuristic M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-381-8

Reviewed by Lisa



His life had been simple in the jungle that surrounded Bendar City.  He gathered food from within the jungle, had built a nest for sleep and women from the city sought him out regularly for sexual release.  He had no name so people referred to him as the wild thing or birdman.

In the compound at the Kalamadur Oasis there is no one who crosses the master, Lord Adolpho Serratin, as his word is law.  Lord Serratin is valued for his skills as Planet Mediator and also known to collect rare, exotic one of a kind objects.

Betrayed, captured and sold to Lord Serratin, the wild thing is slowly seduced and given the name Orion Birdwalker by his master.  Now only time will tell if captivity is Orionís salvation or his prison.

A unique plot and fresh characterizations place Captivity above the crowd.  An inventive storyline takes readers on a journey of discovery as a special man matures, ultimately taking charge of his life and making decisions that will last a lifetime.  Captivity has poignant moments of self discovery, self loathing and makes this tale altogether fascinating.


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