Captivated by Inga Mahn

Dio Pantera, Book 1

Whispers Publishing


Reviewed by Lisa



Pacing the confines of his room, Jarod DeLarue can barely control his desire to meet his bride, complete the ceremony and mate with his new wife.

In the room next door however, Magnolia ‘Maggy’ Courtland is tied down like a ritual sacrifice wondering why she is being treated this way.

Jarod knows that Maggy has been chosen because of her family genealogy.  It is the strongest match for success to strengthen the bloodlines but at the moment it is her scent and the sounds she is making which are driving Jarod wild.  Waiting for the proper ceremony isn’t on Jarod’s mind when he stalks next door and walks into the room.

A steady buildup of mystery and sexual overtones pulls readers into Captivated by author Inga Mahn.  Jarod skillfully calms the terrified bride-to-be and ends the night with a powerful surprise.  Captivated blends passion and suspense in this enjoyable lusty tale.


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