Burn Card by Laura Baumbach

Aspen Mountain Press

Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN 978-1-60168-133-1

Reviewed by Nannette




Gil Turko is growing stronger every day. Gil is the owner of Body Armor, Inc. providing bodyguards to the rich and famous. Gil is very protective over his lover and Cody’s birthday Crime scene investigator Cody Baxter has a good job and his relationship with    present proves it. It just might save Cody’ life. When Cody is kidnapped, Gil tries to figure out why, but it might not be Cody the kidnapper really wants to hurt.

I love Gil and Cody. They are so obviously in love.  I like that Gil is clearly the more dominant of the two but Cody is not portrayed as a wimp. The sex is sexy and the romance is very tender. I like how the storyline plays out. The kidnapper could have been a crazed lunatic or a psychopathic killer, I like who he turns out to be.  Gil proves he really is a modern day knight in shining armor. Burn Card is a very good story with two great guys. I liked it a lot!



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