Boys Next Door by Dakota Flint, Zoe Nichols and Cassidy Ryan

Taste Test

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-486-1

Reviewed by Ley




“A Perfect Match” by Cassidy Ryan

Out of all the men his sister has thrust upon him Keaghan never really clicked with any of them until his brother-in-law’s younger brother came to crash in his guesthouse.  Trace is everything Keaghan wants but he fears his sister’s wrath if he becomes involved with him.

A Perfect Match is cute and enjoyable.  Keaghan’s avoidance of his attraction to Trace is comical and very entertaining.  A Perfect Match is a great start to this anthology.


“Breaking Point” by Dakota Flint

Moving back to his old neighborhood and childhood home after breaking up with his recent boyfriend, the last thing Jonathon needed was to see Alex, his first love, again.  Alex broke Jonathon’s heart and Jonathon never got over him or the hurt.

Breaking Point is a very passionate story. Jonathon struggled to keep his air of indifference toward Alex going when all he really wanted was to be with him.  I really like this story and wish there was more to it.  I would love to see if it was a smooth or rocky road for their relationship.


“Peep Show” by Zoe Nichols

Seth Richard is used to his routine and simple life, but his new neighbor, who is far from routine or simple, is about to add some spice to it.

Peep Show is hot.  Dillon is just what Seth needed to feel young, sexy and too step out of the boring box of his life.

Boy Next Door is a fantastic anthology.  It’s hot, sexy and it left me wanting more from all three stories.



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