Bound by Deception by Ava March

Loose - Id

M/M Historical BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59632-811-2

Review by Ley



Finding out that the man he has loved for his entire life feels the same way about men as he does offered a glimmer of hope to Lord Oliver Marsden that he could have at least one night with Lord Vincent Prescot.  Before now Oliver never thought he could be with Vincent in reality the way he fantasized about him.  For one they are both men and two Oliver felt Vincent was too good for him.  After discovering that Vincentís brothel visits are for male escorts and not women, Oliver devised a plan to get one night with Vincent.

Vincent has been able to control his urges to be with a man to just once a month visits to a London brothel.  His visits were the only way to release the tension and secrets he locks away for the rest month.  When his usual man on his monthly visit is unavailable the man Vincent gets brings out more than just physical urges, Vincent finds his emotions coming into play.

Bound by Deception is fantastic!  I loved both the heroes and I enjoyed this story immensely, I only wished there were more written about Oliver and Vincentís friendship and more interaction between them.  I would have loved for there to be a morning after, but other than that Vincent and Oliver are perfect for each other and I can definitely see their love lasting.  Oliver has such adoration and respect for Vincent and Vincent never saw Oliver as anything less than a man of worth.  Bound by Deception is definitely a great story that would have been even better if it was longer.


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