Blood Oath by Kira Stone

Vampire Magic, Book 4

Changeling Press

Paranormal M/M Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-341-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Sibling witches have come to Taggartís Bend to perform the ceremony to make Kassian a Vampire Lord.  The sister is Davina, the Prima witch of the Green Mountain coven and the brother is Cypress, a dark witch who fights evil on his own terms.

Kassian is very skeptical of the coming ceremony and with both males full of such arrogance things are not going smoothly.  During the ceremony something goes terribly wrong and a demon is unleashed.  It is up to Cypress and Kassian to make things right and save Davina and the people of Taggartís Bend from this all consuming evil.  Only by the men setting aside their personal differences can everyone survive this night.

Blood Oath continues with some of the characters already met in Taggartís Bend.  In fact, Blood Oath seems like a slice of a greater plotline still to come.  Stubborn alpha characters given the choice of doing the right thing is the main theme in Blood Oath but it only scratches the surface of their personalities.  Fans of the series will like hearing from a few of the characters but otherwise start with Book 1 if the series interests you.


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