Bitter Love by Mechele Armstrong

Blood Lines, Book 5

Loose Id

LGBT, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-733-7

Reviewed by Jo



Amaretto is a vampire out looking for a good time and a good meal.  A club seems to be a good place to find both and he just may have.  Just when Amaretto is about to get everything he is looking for, something attacks him from behind.  Leif has seen what vampires can do and he is determined to stop as many as he can, starting with the one he thinks is attacking a man.  But things are not as Leif thought when he wakes up as Amaretto's captive. 

Amaretto is very attracted to Leif but first he needs to find out a few things, like why did Lief attack a person he thought was a vampire.  Leif quickly realizes that nothing he thought was true, but what throws him the most is his instant attraction to Amaretto.  Leif and Amaretto team up to find the person killing and draining the blood out of his victims.  Finding the killer is important, but Leif discovers that itís even more important to show Amaretto that the best love is not bitter but sweet.

Bitter Love brings Amaretto, a vampire who doesnít think he will ever find true love, and Leif, a human wanting revenge for an old love, together on a search for a killer.  As I read, I found that the discoveries Amaretto and Leif made about each other and themselves were much more important.  Amaretto and Leif need all the trust and blossoming love they have found in each other when danger grabs Leif.  Both Amaretto and Leif have faced adversity in their lives and on the surface have overcome it, but I loved watching Leifís eyes being opened to just what Amaretto has faced and where it has scarred him.  By the last page, both Amaretto and Leif had me and I can only hope that they will make further appearances in future Blood Lines books.  Bitter Love is a bit bitter-sweet but in the way of good chocolate and just as excellent.  Lovers of several genres will enjoy Amaretto and Leif.


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