Bid for Love by Savannah Chase

Lyrical Press


Reviewed by Jambrea


Nico is in lust with the construction worker that she sees every day.  She wants to make a move, but she isnít sure how to go about it.

Jeff has his eye on Nico, but he is just too shy to ask her out.

Will Nicoís friends give her and Jeff the push they need to become a couple or will the bidding be too high?

Bid for Love is the story of two ships passing in the night.  The near misses these two have with each other is so sad you have to laugh or you will cry for fear of them never getting together.  When Nico and Jeff finally get together the explosion is phenomenal and it steams up the computer!

I think one of the best things in Bid for Love is the friendships.  These women will do anything for each other and it is nice to see the tight friendship bond without all the cattiness.  Savannah Chase tells a wonderful tale of mishap and she had me laughing and crying all at once.  I canít wait to see what else Ms. Chase has to offer.


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