Beyond Boundaries by Ginny Michaels


Contemporary/Light BDSM

ISBN: 978-0373794201

Reviewed by Tanya




Sara has lived a very sheltered life, always following the rules.  The problem is that now that she is an adult she knows there is more to sex than the “missionary position” in the dark, and she can see the frustration in the man she loves.  Not that he wants anything that is really out there but she should be able to let her inhibitions down to make love her own living room for goodness sakes.  So she takes matters into her own hand and books a weekend at a sexual therapy retreat.

What will happen when she finds out that what she has booked might be a little different than what she thought?  But, she loves Cade and knows he would never hurt her.  So she decides to ride it out and see what happens.

Beyond Boundaries is an interesting first look at a light BDSM story.  Sara's character was well written by Ms. Michaels to be someone who knows what she wants but cannot overcome her upbringing.  I think Ms. Michaels also did a wonderful job in making her characters seem real, and have real emotions.  I enjoyed Beyond Boundaries and think that others will like the way Ms. Michaels handles her characters.


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