Believe in Me by Jessica Inclan

The Believe Trilogy, book 3

Zebra Books


ISBN: 0-8217-8084-0

Reviewed by Ley



Sayblee Safipour knows all about Felix Valasay the youngest of the well-known family of Croyant sorcerers.  She knows he’s all play before work and is always working on the next conquest to get in his bed. Felix is not a particular Croyant that Sayblee would choose to spend time with, but when Council business put them together she has no choice. 

Felix never thought he would have a chance with Sayblee.  She never gave him the time of day in the past but now that they have to live together in order to catch Quain, a powerful sorcerer bent on world domination, his chances are looking much better.  Felix has wanted Sayblee for so long and hopes the close proximity of their assignment will finally get her just where he wants her.

Believe in Me is a great romance story.  Sayblee was the one who could tame Felix’s heart, but her reservations of being just another warm body kept her from giving in to his advances.  Of course when she finally did there was no turning back.  I liked Felix.  Even though he was a cad in the beginning it was obvious how much he wanted Sayblee.  There was so much to Felix than what he allowed others to see on the surface.  There’s also much more to this story than just the romance of Sayblee and Felix, all the parts put together make for a wonderful read.  Followers of The Believe Trilogy will be happy with Believe in Me the latest installment of this trilogy, but they will be sad that it’s the final installment as well.


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