Beg by Treva Harte

Alpha, Book 4

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-781-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Even before her birth Tala Kinkaid was promised to the Alpha of another pack.  Feisty yet friendly, Tala feels constricted by the invisible bonds placed on her so long ago and more importantly, without her consent.

Las Vegas is home to Hunt Winters, Alpha to his pack and his second in command, Dunne.  Here in Sin City Hunt has managed to acquire vast wealth while waiting for his mate to grow up and come to him.

Tala has arrived to confront Hunt and tell him that she doesnít want the mating, the bond between them.  Things get confusing though when Arlin, Talaís childhood friend follows her as he isnít ready to give her up quite yet.  At the same time, Dunne acts resentful towards Tala as he isnít ready to give up Hunt although he knows he must.  Somehow, Hunt must attempt to orchestrate a way for everyone to get what they desire before the pack is destroyed.

Beg is a sensual delight with a foursome doing overtime in inventive sexual activities.  This fourth story in Treva Harteís Alpha series, Beg can be read as a stand alone tale.  Beg also offers a few surprises and some scenes of sexual excitement with more than two involved for readers to enjoy.  Beg is a fun tale for fans of the series and new readers who want to check out all the entertaining sex with multiple partners.


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