Beauty and the Beasts by Ave Rose Johnson

Loose Id

Paranormal Fantasy, Shape-shifter, Mťnage

ISBN:  978-1-59632-778-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.




When Princess Abigail of Drayzlake is bitten by one of the wolves of Fort Bestial, the witch Jacintha negotiates to keep the kingdoms from plunging into a war.  The shape-shifters must supply a wolf to mate with Abigail every full moon. Her blood stream carries their strain, and if she doesnít mate with a wolf, she will die.   Despite the fact she is a victim, her feelings of fear and distaste towards the wolves are overcome by her passion and desire for the one who satisfies her urges each full moon.

The future Alphas of Fort Bestial, identical twins Stavros and Caine, have both been mating with the princess every month.  Abigail doesnít find out that sheís been having sex with two male wolves until they kidnap her.  Although she is betrothed to another, itís been foretold that Abigail is their destined mate.  The brothers realize that her fatherís hatred and objection could plunge them into a war with Drayzlake.  Abigail is more than worth it, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to convince her to surrender to them mind, body, and soul. 

Beauty and the Beasts is an erotically charged tale filled with sex, sex, and yes, more sex.  Thatís really not a bad thing because sex drives the motivations of all the characters, along with the desire to save their kingdoms and future.   You see how sex is tied into all of this?  

I have to be honest.  Itís hard not to enjoy a story featuring hotter-than-lava twins committing themselves to tag-team sex on a willing and helpless female body.   Thatís the stuff that needs to be included in my fantasies as a steady diet.   I like an author who knows how to get to the point without pretensions and this story does its job.   This wasnít a bad way to spend my reading time, and since there is a decent amount of character development and plot along with all the sex, it was worth taking it for a literary spin.   


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