Bark by Carys Weldon

Pack Taboo, Book 6

Mojocastle Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-60180-052-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Letha was left with her motherís current lover when her mother abandoned her. Letha has grown up calling Lionel Felini her father and Leo and Tommy Felini brothers even though they truly arenít.  Why her mother left her with the Felini males and took off is a question that has never been answered.

Letha spends her time running from her family every chance she gets.  Leo and Tommy always find her at some dive, drunk, high and smelling of sex with multiple partners.  Her life has become a continual circle of escaping the compound, getting caught and being brought home with her brothers getting rid of any and all sexual partners Letha used along the way.

The bastet cat prides and the garou-ville wolves live anonymously among the humans but each group has their own territory clearly marked and never crossed.  Unfortunately, Letha manages to escape once again and ends up in a bar in wolf territory.  A chance meeting with a hot wolf turns into a possible life altering roller coaster ride for Letha and Barkley Wolf, CEO of Wolf Enterprises.  It is strictly taboo for the bastet and the garou to mix.  Death is the only outcome for Letha and Bark if they donít part immediately.  For these two, love is taboo no matter how perfect they are together.

Extremely carnal with a certain apathy towards violence, Bark, Pack Taboo is an explicit and unique romance.  Bark is told by Letha who holds nothing back from the rapid fire start and onward in this edgy, scorching hot love story.  It can be understood as a stand alone but obviously a better understanding of the many characters perhaps mentioned in previous books would make Bark more endearing.  The overall story didnít hold me but there is just something about Lethaís hidden vulnerability and Barkís quiet tenderness that got to me and they make Bark, Pack Taboo a strong, welcome addition to this series.


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