Ayan by Ann Lory

Realms of Kreandor Book 1

New Concepts Publishing

Fantasy Romance

ISBN 978-1-60394-220-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Heather has known she was different since childhood.  As a result, she has been alone, except for her best friend.   One night, a gorgeous stranger saves her, and she feels an instant connection to him.

Faerie Prince Ayan must keep the key of worlds safe from the sorcerer, Garinick.  After a dangerous encounter with the evil human, Ayan winds up in Earth realm.   While he is there, he meets Heather and quickly learns that she is his long awaited true mate. 

I had a difficult time finishing Ayan.  It kicked off an action scene with Ayan outwitting the villain, and plummeted.  The main issue was the plot fell flat on originality.   Many of the supporting characters were so predictable.  Ayan and Heather weren’t terribly interesting.  Heather sometimes irritated me with her childish reactions and pointless naiveté.   Ayan seemed impulsive and melodramatic.  

The book is loaded with explicit sex scenes that left me feeling as if I were a pervert peeping into Ayan’s and Heather’s bedroom window.  I also thought everything could have been concluded much sooner. 

Ms. Lory is gifted with a vivid imagination and solid writing.   She does a superb job of setting up everything for the next installment.  As much as I anticipated reading this novel, I felt let down.   I do think that Ayan would appeal to her fans and readers who prefer more traditional romance.   Sadly, it wasn’t the book for me.


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