A Temporary Arrangement by Tricia Jones

The Wild Rose Press


ISBN: 1-60154-317-4

Reviewed by Ley



Thia Conway needed cash and Finn Montgomery needed a no strings attached wife. 

Taking care of her parents flower shop while they are away Thia finds that her mother accidently let the insurance lapse and there isnít any income to take care of the many repairs the shop needs.  Being turned down for bank loans Thia takes the only option available to her, marry Finn Montgomery.

Finn, is very financially sound but heís afraid money may not stop him from losing what he cares about the most, his nephew.  Finn believes he needs a stable home that consists of a wife and mother to make his guardianship of his nephew ironclad.  Expecting the arraignment to be in name only, neither Thia nor Finn expected to want their temporary family to become permanent, but when it comes to love always expect the unexpected.

A Temporary Arrangement is enjoyable, although it has the typical plot line of the rich arrogant hero whom I liked despite of his stubborn pig headedness, and the tough but somewhat caring heroine. Thia had her faults, I felt she could have been more of a compassionate person but I still liked her.  Although I found some parts of A Temporary Arrangement to be frustrating, the overall story and plot was very well done.  I always find arraigned marriages and marriage of convenience stories to be very entertaining, and A Temporary Arrangement is most definitely entertaining.


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