As Serious as the Grave by Kiernan Kelly

Torquere Press

Gay Contemporary / Paranormal

Reviewed by Cassie



Life is complicated for Tyler Grayle. His boss hates him, his car just died, he hasn't had sex in two years, and worst of all, he's dead. After Dante's Comet passed by Earth, the dead began returning to life, some right after death, others a long time after. Luckily, Tyler was only dead for a few hours before he reanimated, but it's still hard on a guy's love life not to have a pulse. One weekend, his best friend Daniel confesses he's wanted Tyler for years. Tyler is thrilled, but with hatred against the undead rising up again, will they be able to find happiness?

In As Serious as the Grave, Kiernan Kelly took a dark, seemingly creepy subject—zombies, aka the undead—and somehow made it both fun and hot. Despite being technically dead, Tyler is still a very human, believable character. His dissatisfaction, insecurity, and good humor are easy to identify with. Loyal, caring best friend Daniel is a great match for him. I loved seeing these two come together. I also enjoyed learning about their world, in which the reanimated dead walk the Earth and have legislation protecting their rights. My only complaint about the book is that when the story ended, I wanted more. If you're in the market for a quick and very unusual gay romance, pick up As Serious as the Grave today!



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