Ascending Venus by Layne Blacque

New Concepts Publishing

Paranormal-Fantasy, Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Patrice F.




For millennium, Mercury, the messenger god of Olympus, has waited for Venus, the goddess of love, to be his and his alone for eternity.   After one of Jupiterís tasteless soirees, he makes his move by arriving at her villa to present his case.  This time, thereís nothing standing in his way.  Before he is done, the goddess of his heart will belong to him in every way possible.

Ascending Venus is a wet dream in disguise that will make you think of the Roman gods very differently.  Everything here is steamy, original, and hotter than Vulcanís furnace.  My only issue was with the cover.  While sexy and gorgeous, the picture is contemporary.  It didnít match the story and characters.

Some of the other gods and goddesses make appearances, bringing interesting touches to the plot.   For the time being, Iím crossing my fingers for Ms. Blacque to write a story featuring Pluto and his captured bride, Koral.   Darkness and dominance in the underworld never looked so good!

Venus and Mercury are represented as a delicious confection front and center, conquering and yielding in the name of love.  Whether youíre up on your classical mythology or not, this story carries all the nectar of the gods, too tasty to overlook.


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